Anna Catherine Model

"I've always felt that photography provides an opportunity for staging, for telling a story through images. - I give myself a literary frame, I tell a story. It's the only springboard I have found for taking a leap." - Sarah Moon

I'm the daughter of an artist, as a child I would crawl around on the studio floor and play around with paints, stencils, pastels anything that could produce a tangible piece of art. To this day you'll find me drawing, and writing on anything I can get my hands on even a newspaper isn't safe with me. I believe that being a model is like being a silent film actress. I always think of Theda Bara who produced well drawn out emotions without saying a word. That's what modeling is to me. I'm a silent actress standing in front of your lens. You make me immortal and I'll draw out pieces of my soul that you can keep with you.

I believe that the relationship between model and photographer is sacred, intimate and deeply romantic. If you are to take a photograph of me I want us to communicate for you will take a piece of my soul and it is only fair I have a little of yours. I will not work with photographers who do not appreciate their subjects as I will become frustrated and bored. I want to create and be created. If you respect me I will always respect you. Take a picture and you're in my heart forever.

I am someone who knows that life is short and precious and I like to live in the moment opposed to living in the future or the past. I love working with people who inspire and move me.

I love to dance to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles but occasionally I like a change and to get into the mood Etta James soothes me, Billy Holiday moves me and Frank Sinatra well he's just a classic and if Ava loved him I have to.

Based in New York, Paris, and Venice, Italy.
Photographed by Trevor Wilson

Photographed by Trevor Wilson

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